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The Mission


The Mission

what is serra?

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Serra is...

a group of likeminded individuals who take food safety, cleanliness, and the truthfulness of food labels seriously. From reporting new findings about recalls to finding out if foods are as "natural" as they're advertised, Serra strives to present foods and their facts as honest, and raw as possible. We also legally defend those who have been hurt by foods produced or distributed by companies that did not advertise their products truthfully or in a manner that resulted in harm. At Serra, we want people to know what we're truly eating. 

Because hey, who doesn't deserve to know what they're eating? 


What we do

What we do

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News and Information and Consulting 

Serra's mission is to provide consumers with news and information about the food we all eat.  We believe that news and information about food recalls, food safety and labeling can and will equip you to make good, safe food choices for yourself, your family and your community.  Our food columns will educate, equip and empower you to find and evaluate the food you eat by giving you the tools to read and evaluate food labels and content.  

Beyond the news we provide you, Serra provides consulting and advice to consumers and food producers.  Our consulting team has experience with food quality control, food recalls and food lawsuits.  For food producers, we can help you rebuild a brand and tell your story about the quality of your food and brand and how you are  genuinely addressing consumer concerns; if you are consumer, our consultants help you find out how and why you have been harmed by a food you purchased or consumed. 

How do we help rebuild your brand?  Using a unique, powerful social media tool we get out the message to the market place about your "real" efforts to address product problems after a FDA recall, media reports and government investigations.  This tool, using a special, proprietary algorithm, targets social media users with information about your brand and engages them to answer their concerns about the food or brand.  Our tool also helps you identify negative trends and concerns on social media about your food or brand and gets out the message to consumers. 


News and Information

We are a news and information source for what is happening with the food we eat.  We give you news about food recalls, food safety and food labeling issues.  Our contributing authors provide insight and information about food quality, food choices, and health and wellness.  We strongly believe we are what we eat and that healthy, powerful living requires looking the labels to find the truth about our food. 

Consulting and Advice

Consumers and food producers may need help. Serra is there to help.  For consumers who need information or feel they have been harmed, Serra can provide consulting and advice.  For food producers whose vision is consistent with Serra's mission of clean living and fair and truthful labeling, we can provide risk assessments, FDA recall and crisis management services, evaluation of insurance coverages, and with our partners legal, quality control and media consulting services.